HOG 12 Days of Christmas Singing Contest 2022

This year, HOG seeks to gift families, groups and individuals who are able to create a remix of the classic song ''12Days of Christmas'' . Each group or individual are to submit entries for the contest on our Social Media pages for engagement. The winner of the contest gets a memorable gift.

HOG 12 Days of Christmas 2021

Every year, HOG seeks to support and partner with NGOs, groups and individuals who gets involve in good deeds in their community . Each NGO, group or individual submit entries for the contest on our Social Media pages for engagement. The winner of the contest gets a donation to support their cause from HOG.

HOG 12 Days of Christmas 2021 Contestants


Entry No 6

Entry No 1

Sharing to the Beggars. In Life and with whatever hurdles you are Facing,Always remember that somebody has it worst.. Be Thankful to God for the least you have,be kind and be Hopeful for the Most to Come. Hope dies only when u are 6feet below.

Entry No 2

Sharing happiness in orphanages......😍😍
Sharing is one of the important virtues that brings happiness into our lives.Not only does sharing bring us joy, it teaches us the importance of taking care of others. Sharing does not mean that we require materialistic things to give to other people that makes them happy .
@terahoneyy @britney_roxieee @oli_starrr @marryann441 @sseabliss @nas.nasslee @_.aifyy @gusta_shine @an_tou_nie @_kruiseee @_rraindropss @juss_sooner @forever.n_always @iam_skiilaa @terastrim Pls guys follow and like #hogfurniture #hog12daysofchristmas #savetheworld

Entry No 4

This is @itz_me_oluchi spreading love in this festive season by giving food stuff to her neighbor
#12days of Christmas.
#hog12daysofchristmas 2021
#save the world.
Entry No 5

My ACT of Kindness towards the two women walking as a cleaner in my place of work. The first picture is a struggling single mother of two and the second picture is a Muslim woman with four kids. They are hard work but earn little to survive with their kids. So I put it on to myself to buy little foodstuffs to share among them. Am a single mother also but I know that this my act of kindness towards them will bring more Blessings upon me. Thanks @hogfurniture .
#12daysofchristmas #hog12daysofchristmas .

Entry No 6

Our group is called mandy Cares.it is locate in katsina .we are made up of 17 members.we are NGO that have taken it upon ourselves to feed the public in the little way we can. We enjoy the blessings we get from this and always will look out for the impoverished

Entry No 7

It's a season of love . So I decided to express my love to others by giving out this token @hogfurniture #hogfurniture #12daysofchristmas #hog12daysofchristmas

Entry No 8

I represent Nze Timothy Akano Foundation .
Nze Timothy Akano Foundation was founded by Dr. Chin Akano a Uk. based Medical Dr. And well-known Philanthropist on the 9th of July 2012.
Dr. Chin Akano alongside his wife Barrister Mrs. Obiageri Akano have both been championing every good cause through this foundation.
Our acronym is N.T.A.F and we are passionate about making a difference in our society.
We currently operate in 18 out of the 36 States of the federation.
Entry No 9
This is my group .we love sharing food items to the less privilege and orphanage homes during christmas.
We believe this kids deserves the best of treatment and should be accommodated by all.
We plan to do more greater things in the near future by Gods grace

Entry No 10

HOG12DaysofChristmas 2020

Mrs Chidinma Egbusiri Appreciating HOG Furniture after receiving her prize of Club Chair as the Winner of HOG12DaysofChristmas

Mrs Chidinma Egbusiri has been a helping hand meeting the needs of Widows and the less privileged in her community for the past 4years.She resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

HOG12DaysofChristmas 2020 Contestants

HOG12DaysofChristmas 2019

ROHEF_NGO is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, established in 2013 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, (RC 65917) operates as a human development-based charity organization in Abuja, Nigeria providing intervention services to vulnerable women, youth and children in Africa.

2019 Contestants


68 Engagements

@favourit_queen doing the act she enjoys doing. Visiting the motherless babies home to celebrate with them. I am nominating her for her kind heart

Ubong Udoh Solomon

310 Engagements


53 Engagements

Alimi Hargborlahor

361 Engagements

My mission is to support most vulnerable families, disabled, homeless people and the less privileged. I do this as a volunteer work to support the community.


14 Engagements

We reached out to the poor and needyy every last day of the month . the name of my NGO foundation is OTIMAK foundation, I am the founder of this foundation because i believe in giving out than to take in


173 Engagements


76 Engagements


123 Engagements

Pmoney Foundation

120 Engagements

More than 20 people hospital bills paid during visitation to the LUTH Hospital, Lagos State.
It's our Joy to see people happy and healthy at Pmoney foundation
We rise by lifting others...


74 Engagements

Cheerful Givers Incorporation

32 Engagements

Cheerful Givers Incorporation giving books to pupils at school. It is really the great helping the helpless and doing good at all time. They are really such a great foundation. I love their generosity.


367 Engagements


229 Engagements

Contest Procedure :

  1. 1. Follow us on all Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

    2. Take a Snapshot of yourself or someone you know doing a good deed for the community. (EG. Visit Motherless Babies Homes, Old People Homes, Donation to Schools, Prison or Hospital etc)

    3. Post the picture on all social media platforms and tag us using @hogfurniture & #12DaysofChristmas #HOGFurniture

    4. Tag your Friends and also get them to reshare, like, comment and tag their friends to see what you have done.
  2. 5. Tell us about your NGO or Group; Vision, Mission and the reason behind the good deed.
    6. The Good deed with the highest Engagements ( reshare, like, comment and tag) by 27th of December win our prize!

    Contest runs from 12 days before every Christmas.

    Terms & Conditions apply

HOG 12 Days of Christmas 2018

The 2018 contest which lasted for 12 days (14/12/2018-25/12/2018) attracted participants from across the country, who took out time to reach out to the less privilegded in their sphere of contact.

Out of the contestants who participated across all the Social Media Platforms, Gift Nwanosike Anyawu from Akwa Ibom emerged the winner and was rewarded for participation and winning the contest.

Gift Nwanosike, who represented a group called Ladies of Divine Favour founded in 2016 with mission of Empowering Women and Orphans through financial donation presented an Orphan to be sponsored for the Term in person of Star Simeon.

The child was sponsored by HOGfurniture for a term


HOGFurniture 12 Days of Christmas 2017



The 2017 contest which lasted for 12 days attracted participants from across the country, who took out time to reach out to the less privilegded in their sphere of contact.


In all, Mr Solomon Udoh who lives in Abia state, a member of Ben Mustard Foundation eventually won the contest and was rewarded.


HOG Furniture also gave Ben Mustard Foundation a cash reward to sponsor the Ogarnizations cause.


BEN MUSTARD FOUNDATIO is an NGO motivated by the vision of giving hope to the less privileged in the society. They carry out these charity programmes by raising basic capital for business startups and sponsoring of education and skill acquisition programmes that are aimed at turning people’s lives around.

Photo  - Ben Mustard Foundation representative, Mary Ebere (middle) during presentation

#HOG12DaysOfChristmas 2017

Meet The Contestants & Winner.










#HOG12DaysOfChristmas 2016

Meet The Contestants & Winner.